How to teach TinkerCAD to beginners

How to teach TinkerCAD to beginners

What is this site?

Puzzle Shift Create is a new approach to education. Students learn how to think for themselves and use real tools to create. This site is a resource for these young creators.

‘Engineer’ Learning Experience

This an engineer learning experience, a part of Innovative Arts Class. Young engineers are posting their work and supporting each other here.

Step 1: Learn TinkerCAD yourself

Your students will need lots of help. You need to know how each tool works before you can really help your students succeed. Take your time and learn how to use the tool well. One video per day with lots of practice after each video is recommended.

Basics and Controls

Using the workplane

Grouping, solids, holes, and color

Other collections, Shape Generators

Align, Flip, Snap


More Practice

How to teach TinkerCAD to beginners

Here are all of my resources for teaching TinkerCAD to beginners!

Lesson Sequences

Student Handouts

Design Criteria for First Projects

Common Student Issues and FAQ

Extra Resources

More about this resource

f you are still wondering how to teach TinkerCAD to beginners, look me up on social media! I am always willing to help!

Innovative Arts Class & Strengths Class

You can learn more about Innovative Arts class. An important step towards learning how to be a creator is learning about your strengths. Learn more about Strengths Class.

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