‘Shift’ technology resources being developed

The ‘Shift‘ in ‘Puzzle Shift Create‘ is short for ‘Shifting how we use technology’

Topics that I need to formalize from class:

  • How to be a digital Leader
  • Using tech to make our brains BETTER
  • YouTube as a learning resource
  • Advanced making with technology
  • Brainstorming in the internet age
  • Technology-augmented Creativity
  • Shifting Tech from a toy into a tool
  • Using premade-tech-toy-kits as creative confidence builders
  • Technology for young engineers
  • Technology for young designers
  • Technology for young entrepreneurs
  • Technology for young digital creators
  • Technology for young Coders

On this site, I am hoping to blow the door open on how technology can impact our students. My goal for this site is to create a better vision for education. Technology will play a big role in that.

Obviously, it will take time to get all of this created. As a solo act, I’m juggling a lot of things at once. The creator resources (below) are the most developed. I’m busy actively developing the ‘mindset’ topics (the ‘Puzzle’). These will be developed last.

I am creating this site to advance student creativity and help students to take ownership of their learning. The resources on this site are intentionally open-ended and a part of my Innovative Arts curriculum.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I just found you on Teachers Pay Teachers and checked out your YouTube Channel. This is everything I do in my 7th grade engineering class but way more organized! I have created my own curriculum since I started teaching this subject about five years ago so this is an amazing find for me. Prior to this I taught Computer Applications, Keyboarding, and Special Education way back when. I just shared your links with my fellow Technology teacher who is first year (compared to my 30!!). I can’t wait to utilize what you have shared! FYI – I am @CaudillTeaches on Instagram and Twitter. Going to go hunt for you there next!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom!
    Robin Caudill