Making a Pong Game in Scratch

Making a game is one of the most satisfying experiences for any tech enthusiast, so why not turn your skills to something timeless and exciting? Today we’re going to learn how to make an updated version of Pong in Scratch – the popular, graphical programming language developed especially for students. Whether you’re completely new to coding or are looking for some inspirational ideas and techniques that can improve your existing creations, this tutorial will show you the best way to program the classic game using some advanced SCATCH interactive features. In no time at all, you’ll have created a really impressive game with relative ease!

1 – What you’ll make

2 – Ball bouncing

3 – Paddle moving

4 – Ball sensing the paddle

5 – Game Over screen

6 – Add the reset button

7 – Make the reset button disappear

8 – Add a score

9 – Add a high score

10 – Make it more difficult

11 – Ideas for more customization

Are you ready to dive into game development? Making your own Pong game in scratch is a great way for students who are curious about coding to get started. With this tutorial, I hope I was able to guide you through the basics of how to make your very own version of Pong from start to finish! Completing this tutorial will have helped you learn the fundamentals and key concepts, understanding terms and programming features, designing artwork and animations, and eventually testing out your finished version. I hope you have had an incredibly fun time as well as acquired some invaluable knowledge by the end of it!

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