About supporting this crazy dream!

Please allow me to introduce myself:

Hello! I’m Peter Johnson, I am a teacher!

I grew up on a little dairy farm in Wisconsin. After high school, I left the farm and became a veteran, and now I am married to a Presbyterian pastor and we have three kids. After college, I started teaching in a little charter school in Minneapolis, teaching middle school science.

Changing education for the better is my core mission. There is so much potential for positive change that I have been dreaming about a future where joyful learning has replaced beat-down compliance. This had lead to me creating Innovative Arts class and using maker education to teach students about important personal, mental, and academic issues.

This is a personal mission: I am building the class that my own twin boys will start in 2023. I am glad you found my site, hope that you found it useful. I am working on this every night, weekend, and break!

Our education system deserves better and I’m making it my mission to provide access to powerful learning experiences that allow students’ autonomy, voice, confidence, curiosity and joy of learning thrive. This journey has been costly but worth every penny in order for me to share this new vision with the world! If you’re passionate about helping develop successful learners through improved classroom work then please consider donating or joining our social media community – both offers will ensure greater reach of our message. Thank you so much for your help and support on this meaningful endeavor!

If you want to support in non-financial ways, thank you! Just being engaged with the videos and posts on social media is a form of support. Engagement is how the social media sites know which posts to share widely. I like to think of the ‘like’ button as an ‘vote to amplify’ button.

This twitter account, Facebook page, private Facebook group, or YouTube channel. Feel free to connect!

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