Problems that come with a makerspace, solved

Below are the problems that I have been struggling with for years. Each one has been a huge mental load and each is on the way to being resolved!

Problem 1 – Entering class

I have recently figure out how the daily activities should look. These are what students repeat throughout the quarter at the beginning of the hour and they really matter. I should have the first set of them locked down in a few weeks.

Problem 2 – Our discussion of difficult ideas

I finally have a solid plan for the mindset topics, which have come together nicely. By the end of this year, two of the four should be done, meaning I can stop developing systems for them after about 3 years! The students’ project box murals are going GREAT and I finally have a dedicated storage space for the 500ish boxes that will have to live in my room.

Problem 3: How to teach all the ways to be a creator

The Creator Types are coming together, and I am confident I can help the classes learn them quickly and go far. This will take a few more years, but I started with the most difficult one and should be done someday this winter without having to design any more systems of documents. This beast is 17 pages of pure project links:

Problem 4: A forever messy makerspace

To top it off, the battle with the messy classroom is in the final round. The turning point was spray bottles – they love spraying the tables down and then they have to wipe them off! Dust mops at each table, no machines in the front of the room… it’s almost a nice space again!

Each week has felt like a slog – all these problems have been dogging me for years and each is getting solved, one at a time.

Who knew that 5 years of continuous work would pay off?

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