Getting Started with a Microbit kit! – 6 easy videos

learn to program your microbit kit

Hello! This page has everything you need to get started coding and using a microbit kit.

First, let’s look at the basics.

Video 1 – An introduction to the Microbit kit

The microbit kit is as simple as possible and fun to use! It can be powered by USB or the included AAA battery pack. It has two buttons on the sides and sensors inside.

It can sense tipping to the right and left, shaking, logo up and down, free falling.

Video 2 – Coding and connecting to the microbit kit

Head on over to Microsoft MakeCode for micro:bit. You’ll see that is simple to drop a few blocks and download the code file. After you upload that file to the micro:bit, you are done!

Video 3 – Programming the microbit buttons

Programming using the buttons is simple too! Just put the code inside of the ‘on button pressed’ loop and you are in business!

Video 4 – Programming a Servo

A favorite thing to do with the microbit is to program a servo. Servos are cheap in bulk and also find a set of alligator clips to breadboard jumpers (female). The 3 volt microbit will usually have enough to power these servos, but there is no guarantee.

These can make great mini projects and animatronics. Students can also 3D design and print their projects!

Video 5 – Wiring a Servo

Video 6 – Tutorials are your friend

You can also code microbits using scratch. Here are the basic lessons for coding in Scratch.

I hope you found this resource useful! Please feel free to contact me with ideas, feedback, or questions.

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