The transformation continues…

Creating this thing was never going to be easy. (Whoa – as I typed that, the autosuggest finished it as ‘never going to happen’ – what a jarring moment!)

There is just so much to do. Taking care of the physical Innovative Arts space could be a full time job. Developing the course curriculum, managing the 160 students that I am seeing this term, and the core work of being a teacher are a pretty grueling challenge.

That said, lots of progress is happening. Huge strides have been made – I made breakthroughs on how to keep students engaged all four years, teaching the creative process, reflections, and intrinsic motivation in the last few months. These are more advanced topics – the biggest problem is the ever-growing backlog of basic skills I want to publish and share.

It will all take time. I just wanted to post something upbeat. Have a great day!

A new vision for education

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