All ‘Designer’ Projects

Start with easy projects. Go slow to go fast

You are going to start with easier projects in order to give you experience and confidence in what you can do! Make sure to slow down, do your best, and redo any parts that could be better. If you go too fast, you’ll get to the end without enough experience!

Level 1 Projects

These are basic and intermediate projects. Some of them require 3D printing or the 3D tool TinkerCAD.

Designer Projects – Level 2

You started with easy projects. Now learn how to improve your own work. Click Here.

Level 3 Designer Projects

You started with easy projects. Now try something that is more customizable.

Watch a video introduce some of the options.

Level 4 Projects – Learn how machines can enhance your designs

Level 5 Projects

These are challenging and advanced. Some of them require 3D printing.

What’s next?

Creativity Exercises

You have experiences with basic projects. You have customized basic and complex projects. You’ve learned new skills for a creator. You have shared your work along the way. It is time to start coming up with your own creative projects!