Mindset topics that are in development

Innovative Arts is more than just a makerspace. Students are learning about themselves, their interests, strengths, and the nature of creativity.

There are some core ideas about mindsets that need to be taught for this to work. Trust me, this isn’t as easy as just explaining the idea. To help the ideas land, I’m playing with stories, gaudy classroom props, named characters, leveling up/boss fights, coaching, and generating organic entry points for each topic.

I’m learning that this is an art form. It’s fun to figure out the best way to teach mindset topics. Each one deserves its own page and lesson plans in the future.

Topics that are being developed include:

  • The Creator Cycle
  • Investigate, Imitate, and Initiate
  • How you do anything is how you do everything
  • Self-advocacy
  • Mistakes and Failures
  • Timeline of a creator
  • What limits do we have?
  • Trips around the creator cycle
  • Who becomes awesome creators?
  • What is a creator?
  • Creator in charge
  • We get good at what we practice
  • Imitate your idols, your quirks will come through
  • How long does it take to get good?
  • Wiring your brain for success
  • You’re reponsible for your responses
  • How our brains work
  • What are my Strengths
  • “Best Effort or Bare Minimum” (The best do the basics better)
  • Build Your SuperHero Avatar
  • Why be teachable, seek criticism, and try new things
  • Simple is impressive
  • Wear a COTE
  • (Re)define Success
  • Habits get you there
  • Expectations, High and low
  • SMART and Stretch goals
  • What are all the pathways to get there?
  • Timeline of a life
  • Why I do it
  • Creativity
  • Fail Fast

There are four buckets these topics will fall into:

  • 101: Learn about yourself
  • 201: Learn about the world
  • 301: Take on yourself
  • 401: Take on the world

It’s a massively long list. A crazy amount, now that they are in one place. Some of these have been in the mix for years, others are only on paper.

But seriously, wouldn’t it be great if most of these were well developed and easier to teach to students? That is the goal of the ‘Puzzle’ in Puzzle Shift Create

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