Looking at goals with students

I stumbled into something a while back – students are uncomfortable with expressing high goals or ambitions for themselves. At least in a large group setting, this isn’t even a little surprising.

I cannot do more than I can do; I can’t coach all of my students individually. But I can reframe those ambitions and goals though. What I discovered is I can share my goals for them and they can ‘try them on’ in a less scary way.

Here is the second draft of ‘Mr. Johnson’s Goals for us”

  • Find out what you will be happy to create.
  • Learn important tools and skills to make your creations even better.
  • Do some projects or activities that let you practice what you’ve learned.
  • Believe in yourself and be proud of the amazing things you can create.
  • Develop a creative mindset and stay focused on tasks
  • To learn how to be a better creator and to learn from our mistakes.
  • To help you be more creative
  • To improve a project more and more
  • Apply creativity in real-life situations and inventions.
  • See that you can make a collection of projects you think are awesome.

…I’m sure that I am reinventing a wheel here, but here it is!

A new vision for education

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