Coming back fresh

I had a streak of about 240 blog posts in a row before this past break. I imagined I could be like Seth Godin and make a streak that is many thousands long. A break at least once a year might be in order:

All my work after the end of the school year made some huge steps and many advancements… but as the ideas came together and all these ideas found their places… it got harder and harder to make any progress. I was often getting confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated. I could make a to-do list but not check anything off those lists.

Mental work like this is different than physical work. Thinking about my other projects has given me a reset and I can get going again.

It’s almost as if I need to forget so many of the connections and possibilities that were so thrilling to make. I have to shift away from my idealism and vision for the future, back into the time-constrained mode of ‘what is doable now.’ Working today, I realized just how big of a bite I’ve taken this year. I guess it’s time to get back to work.

A new vision for education

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