What happened to the Creators Co-op?

Hi, its Peter.

This site once had a store where teachers or parents could buy supplies for projects. It was quite the learning experience!

Unfortunately, it didn’t fit the goals that I have for this site. My goal is to make a resource that helps kids become creators of their own type. Creating resources and giving these supplies away as grants has me busy for the forseeable future.

Maintaining a store slowed this site down and slowed me down toward creating a useful resource.

If you want supplies for your classroom, we can work that out. Contact me. If you have a classroom budget, I’ll pass along the bulk pricing and you’ll be surprised how cheaply your kids can create.

If you do not have a class budget, apply for a grant. I’m personally funding the first grants each summer as I build this resource.

If you want to help more kids become creators, please consider becoming a supporter. Thanks.