Make a Jigglebot or a Doodlebug

Make a jigglebug doodlebot project

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Puzzle Shift Create is a new approach to education. Students learn how to think for themselves and use real tools to create. This site is a resource for these young creators.

‘Engineer’ Learning Experience

This an engineer learning experience, a part of Innovative Arts Class. Young engineers are posting their work and supporting each other here.

Overview- Make a Jigglebot

This is an easy way to make a jigglebot using only a small motor, tin foil, tape, and a button battery!

Mount and circut

Materials to make a jigglebot

These motors and batteries can be very inexpensive if you know where to look.

Make a switch

What is a doodlebug?

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Innovative Arts Class & Strengths Class

You can learn more about Innovative Arts class. An important step towards learning how to be a creator is learning about your strengths. Learn more about Strengths Class.

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