How to use Tinkercad for beginners – 7 bite-sized lessons

How to teach TinkerCAD to beginners

How to use Tinkercad for beginners

TinkerCAD is a great resource! If you are a teacher, there is a teacher version of this post!

It will be tempting to watch all of these at once. Resist! Watch one and then practice for some time. One per day is a good pace. If you watch these too fast, you will not remember as much as you would if you practice each skill.

You need to go slow to go fast!

Basics and Controls

Using the workplane

Grouping, solids, holes, and color

Other collections, Shape Generators

Align, Flip, Snap


More Practice

I hope you found that this a useful answer to the question – How to use Tinkercad for beginners! Teachers, I have lesson plans available on the ‘teacher’ version of this page.

Other Resources, links for teachers:

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