Two easy ways to have fun while teaching!

A few ways to add some fun to your daily classroom grind! Here are a few ways to be fun and educational at the same time. These are daily occurrences in our makerspace/STEM lab!

This was episode one of The Puzzle Shift Create Podcast! Search for it on your favorite podcasting app and hear the rest! 

How to have a blast during mundane teaching moments

Idea #1: Walking up front music

You know that moment when your students are presenting their projects back-to-back and there is a lull between presenters? Play fun theme songs as students are moving to the front of the room! Use my youtube playlist as a starting point and make it your own!

Link to my playlist on YouTube

Let me know which themes need to be added, there seems to be no end to the awesome themes you can choose!

Idea #2: Starting class with a video slideshow

There isn’t always a lot to talk about as your kids wander into class before the bell. Play one of these videos as your students settle into their seats! Each video ends with a “thinker” that is a great jumping off point for a growth mindset conversation! It’s a great way to say important things again and again.

The videos are in my “Fun Classroom Warm-ups.” Bookmark this page to access them quickly!

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