24 HIGHLY Customizable Engineering Projects for Middle Schoolers

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These projects really make a student think. Great engineering projects for middle school will challenge students in new ways and show them how many possibilities are out there!

Before everything else, my absolute favorite has to be popsicle stick engineering. The potential for creative and unique creations is truly off the charts. Be sure to check it out – this took years to develop in the Innovative Arts classroom!

Unique engineering projects with tutorial videos

This site has been built to help students learn by creating (and a lot more) – here are the projects that are crazy fun to make!

The pinball machine project is very popular with middle school students. The marble drop projects are so fast and interesting that they need to be limited in class!

Want to design in 3D? Here is everything you need.

It is surprising how quickly and easily a person can learn how to 3D design in TinkerCAD. The Complete Beginners Guide will have you creating in minutes.

Engineering with micro controllers? Yes please!

Learning to program a micro:bit is crazy easy. Even an arduino can be easy to program (if you use TinkerCAD circuits, anyway!)

Additional Engineering Projects for Middle School

Engineering projects provide students with an exciting opportunity to learn scientific principles and unleash their creativity. There are plenty of engineering project ideas that can be used to engage middle schoolers in the classroom. From building bridges to exploring renewable energy sources, there are countless ways to bring engineering into the classroom. 

Creating Bridges 

One fun way to introduce engineering concepts is through bridge building. Bridge building teaches students about force, weight, and tension—all important concepts in engineering. Students can use simple materials like straws, popsicle sticks, or even cardboard boxes to construct a bridge that can hold a certain amount of weight. This exercise also encourages creative problem-solving and teamwork as students work together to create a bridge that is strong enough to hold the desired weight.

Just move two tables a set distance apart and hang weights from the bridges to test. It is LOADS of fun.

Exploring Renewable Energy Sources  

Exploring renewable energy sources provides several excellent opportunities as engineering projects for middle school. Solar, wind, and water are all popular renewable energy sources that students can explore in an engaging way. For example, students can build a model wind turbine out of simple materials like PVC pipes or cardboard boxes and explore how much electricity it generates when exposed to different types of wind speeds. They can also experiment with different angles at which the turbine blades are placed in order to maximize efficiency. Many engineering projects for middle school are possible from this one topic.

An Engineering Projects for Middle School Favorite: Robotics 

Robotics offers another great avenue for engineering projects for middle school. Students can build robots with everyday materials like cardboard boxes or plastic containers, while incorporating motors and other electronic components as they become more familiar with robotics concepts.

Possible Projects Gallery:

Engineering Challenges 

One of the best ways to engage middle schoolers with engineering concepts is through engineering challenges. These activities can be used as a fun way to introduce students to basic engineering principles in an interactive and hands-on way. Some examples include creating a bridge out of paper or popsicle sticks, building an elevator out of cardboard boxes, or designing robots out of recycled materials. 

Use an engineering project to teach other important topics

This site has all the resources that are included in Innovative Arts class. Below are the resource categories (and how this site got it’s name!)

Lastly – Consider Engineering Field Trips 

When it comes to introducing STEM concepts, there is no better way than taking your students on a field trip! Taking your class on a tour of a local science museum or engineering lab will not only help them understand what engineers do, but will also give them the opportunity to ask questions and see real-world applications firsthand. Additionally, many museums offer special programs geared specifically towards younger audiences that focus on robotics and highly engaging demonstrations – perfect for exposing your students to cutting edge technology! 

I am creating this site to advance student creativity and help students to take ownership of their learning. The resources on this site are intentionally open-ended and a part of my Innovative Arts curriculum.

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