45+ Engineering Science Fair Projects (and advice!)

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Before I started Innovative Arts class, I was a science teacher. The science and engineering fairs were ultra engaging and everyone learned so much! I hope you are excited by the possibilities that lie ahead. A lot of the resources I have created can help you have a great experience.

What is so great about engineering science fair projects?

Engineering science fair projects can be a great way for students to develop problem solving, critical thinking, and research skills in a fun and engaging way. They are challenging! We do our best learning and growing when we are challenged. If you’re looking for some ideas for engineering science fair projects that your child can do at home or in school, here are my best ideas and resources. 

Do some popsicle stick engineering!

This one is my favorite. With a little patience and way to drill a hole in a popsicle stick, you can make a very cool project! Check out my entire page of movements and example videos.

Build Your Own Wind-Powered Car 

For this project, students create a wind-powered car out of everyday materials like cardboard or Styrofoam. It’s great for kids who are interested in renewable energy sources because it gives them hands-on experience building something that runs on wind power instead of electricity or gasoline. Plus, it helps them learn about aerodynamics and basic physics concepts like drag force and momentum—all while having fun!  

If you bring a fan to the fair, you could have a pretty cool demonstration set up for people to play with! Look at possible car projects.

Designing the Strongest Bridge 

In this project, students must design the most durable bridge out of everyday materials such as toothpicks, popsicle sticks, straws, string, etc. It teaches them problem solving skills as they figure out which materials will make their bridge strong enough to withstand certain levels of pressure without breaking down. Additionally, it helps them understand basic physics principles such as tension and compression forces.  

To take it a little further, you could test different designs and display the broken bridges with how much weight it took to break them. Possible bridge projects

Designing Windmills

 Windmills are becoming more popular these days due to renewable energy initiatives around the world. Designing windmills is another great engineering project because it involves researching different types of wind turbines and their associated components like blades and hubs. After researching wind turbine designs students can then go ahead with designing their own prototype using cardboard or other available materials. 

Bring a fan and let your windmill turn while the fair is being judged! Start looking for windmill projects here.

 Creating an Effective Water Filter System 

This project requires students to use everyday items such as coffee filters and gravel to construct an effective water filter system that can clean dirty water into drinkable water. It’s ideal for children who want to learn how filtration systems work since it gives them first-hand experience designing one from start to finish! Plus, it provides important lessons about water purification methods too!  

To do this, research some simple water filter setups and choose an easy option. Make sure you demonstrate it at the fair! I would start here.

Creating Robots

 Another great engineering project is creating robots. Robotics is becoming increasingly important in our society and more companies are investing in robotics research and development every day. To create a robot, students need to understand the components needed such as motors, microcontrollers, sensors, etc., as well as the coding language used to program them. Once these basics are understood students can start designing their own robot prototype! 

There are a lot of kits available for this. I recommend using a robot that can be programmed using Scratch because you can learn it so quickly! See my tutorials below.

Learn to code with Scratch

Other project ideas available!

I’ve spent years figuring out what works in a middle school classroom using cheap materials. Here are just a few projects from class!

 Engineering science fair projects are a great way for students to apply their knowledge in STEM topics in real life situations while getting creative with their designs at the same time! Whether your child is interested in robotics or renewable energy sources, there’s bound to be an engineering science fair project that fits his/her interests perfectly!

I am creating this site to advance student creativity and help students to take ownership of their learning. The resources on this site are intentionally open-ended and a part of my Innovative Arts curriculum.

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