Resource Hub

The resources on this site are organized by the name – Puzzle, Shift, and Create.

Puzzle Resources

These are the ‘Mindset’ resources of Innovative Arts class. Our mindsets, attitudes, expectations, and worldview are a puzzle that we can help piece together as a class.

Already available:

Failure as learning

There are about dozens of these that are still being developed.

Shift Resources

These are the ‘Technology’ topics for Innovative Arts class. We need to shift technology from being a toy into being a tool.

Topics like digital leadership, Youtube as the greatest resource every created, and more are all under development.

Create Resources

These are split into two categories: teaching students how to have creative confidence and project tutorials.

Most of the resources that are already developed on this site are project tutorials. They are split into 6 creator types: Engineer, Designer, Entrepreneur, Wordsmith, Hacker, and Digital Creator.

As this site develops, I hope to create a resource that helps students and teachers have more creative, dynamic classrooms.

Hello! I am creating this site to advance student creativity and help students to take ownership of their learning. The resources on this site are intentionally open-ended and a part of my Innovative Arts curriculum.