Program General Information & FAQ

Online Program Overview:

  • I will provide a publicly available video that you can promote, use during a video conference, or however you choose.
  • The video will have a learning part and an at-home extension.
  • Parents will submit photos of the at-home extension to me, the librarian will submit any logos or other photos that they want to be included in the video recap
  • I will make a recap video that includes all of the submitted project videos and post them for you to share with your community.

Person Program Overview:

Every year a new, hands-on program will be developed to follow the CSLP Reading Theme.

Kids should be doing, not watching. All of the kids who attend. It is difficult to develop programs that are affordable, engaging, educational, and fun for students. That, however, is the goal of Puzzle Shift Create!

Because every kid participates in every program, very large groups (larger than 50 kids) may require special considerations and materials.

Programs are between 45 minutes and one hour.

Space Requirements:

In general, any space will work! These programs are designed to be used in any type of space, provided each kid (or team of kids) has some room for themselves. Specifics regarding tables and/or power will be included on the invoice.


One program: $319

Two programs (same day and nearby): $285 each

Three programs (same day and nearby): $265 each

Mileage is included in the fee.


Payment is due before or the day after a program. Please mail the payment to:

Expand STEM LLC, 317 Pinecrest Ct SW, Pine Island, MN 55963

The invoice for each program will have detailed information and specifics.


Is mileage included in the fee?

Yes. Mileage is included in the fee.

What does the librarian need to do?

The performer will take care of everything! These programs are made to have reusable materials as much as possible and we will show up with everything we need.

Is the age range flexible?

Years of serving libraries have made it clear that a good program includes kids of all ages. Generally, kids who are 6 and older will be able to participate in the program. If there is a younger person coming, they should have a helper with them.