Engineering Level 2 Projects

Great job finishing a level 1 project! We are going to get started thinking like an engineer

You started with easy projects. Now we are going to look at your work.

Here is a smart quote: ‘You have to go slow to go fast.’ If you go slow, gain skills, learn from mistakes, and let your skills add up over time, then you will have the skills to make cool things quickly. Rushing to the end does not help, the best creators will enjoy the process!

Let’s get started!

Make sure you have posted your completed projects to a group!

Watch this video next:

Watch this entire video, it has your instructions.

After watching the video above, choose one:



Working Better 



Easier to use

Less complex

Better looking

Added features

Other Level 2 (Toddle) Projects

Make sure to make a video or a ‘how-did’ for your completed projects in the Engineer Creator Group