Designer Projects – Level 2

Now that you have completed a Level 1 Designer Project, let’s move on to something more difficult!

You started with easy projects. Now learn how to improve your own work.

Here is a smart quote: ‘You have to go slow to go fast.’ If you go slow, gain skills, learn from mistakes, and let your skills add up over time, then you will have the skills to make cool things quickly. Rushing to the end does not help, the best creators learn how to enjoy the process.

The two videos below will help you start to see how to think like a designer. This is fundamental to making great art. The more you think about these things, the faster your art will improve!

You may choose to make a video explaining how you improved your project. You may want to make a better graphic for your project. Whatever you do, make sure to post your work!

Other Level 2 (Toddle) Project options

Make sure to post or video your completed projects in the designer creator group!