Ideas for kid projects at home depot

Helping kids think like creators

There are a lot of possible kid projects at home depot. It is the perfect place to buy raw materials and craft them into something great. The biggest problem is how difficult it is to help a kid start to think for themselves. This is what I have devoted myself to as a teacher! This site was made to create resources to help kids create.

Example elementary or middle school project: Marble Track

Just find a material that can be made into a track. We used popsicle sticks, but if you wander around Home Depot, you will find many materials that will carry marbles. Tubes, millwork, and dowels come to mind.

Start with easy projects. Go slow to go fast.

You are going to start with easy projects in order to give you experience and confidence in what you can do! Make sure to slow down, do your best, and redo any parts that could be better.

Turn a cereal box into a truck!

Any cardboard will work for this project.

Instructions for the box truck:

These step-by-step instructions (below) are ideal for middle school kids to follow.

make a cardboard truck project using only a cereal box

Find kid projects at home depot that are near their level

I often want to have my kids work on large, complex projects. This can be a great experience, but the learning really happens when kids are making the big decisions for themselves. This means their projects will be messy, imperfect, and filled with mistakes learning opportunities.

Make a Catapult!

This one can be tiny or huge! Just make sure that you let the kids do most of the planning and work. If it falls apart and fails, they will learn much more than if you just make if for them perfectly.

This an engineer learning experience, a part of Innovative Arts Class. Young engineers are posting their work and supporting each other here.

This site will be adding these resources before 2022

The resources on this site will be growing greatly in the coming months. Just check out what is being prepared!

Stay informed and support kid creators!

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