Yuri Ostr makes awesome stuff!

Diy network creates things for around the house and make them better

Yuri Oster – In this channel you will find Yuri making a bunch of different cool toys/gadgets. they are good videos to watch because he shows your how to do them and they are simple.

Here are some of their videos

Here he makes a balloon powered car

in this video he made an amazing balloon powered car out of cardboard, and showed how to make it.

Here he made the worlds smallest rifle that shoots matches

i think this video is cool because he tells you how to do it and he only uses a couple of popsicle sticks and a spring.

How to Make a Mini Matchbox Tractor with Trolley at Home

This is very fancy honestly think I would even have a blast making this it could get difficult while making it but in the end, you would have a blast playing with it.

How to Make a Cement Mixer

This is very cool I feel a 5-year-old would enjoy playing with this it is that cool. It would be a challenge to build but still would be fun.

How to Make a Drum Set

This drum set is not that hard to make it is very creative. This drum set would be great as like decoration in your room or maybe if you play with barbies it would be a good drum set for them.

How to Make RC CAR 

In this video, the RC car that they made has like two setting one fast and ones, even more, faster this would be so fun to make at home highly recommend it.

Modern headboard

Match Gun

They make a double barreled match gun.
They explain how to make a deck.
They made a yo yo out of a bottle cap.

Puzzle Shift Create – Creator type: Engineer!

This channel is a great example of an Engineer. In Innovative Arts class, students are learning how to become creators themselves. They start by learning the basics: Engineer, Designer, Digital Creator, Hacker, Entrepreneur, or Wordsmith.

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