What is ‘Innovative Arts’ and Puzzle Shift Create?

Below is a tiny introduction that was made a few months ago. It still works and the core idea is still being refined, however I am really starting to grasp the magnitude of what I am trying to do. If all of this is a success, we could bring real creativity and student engagement into our schools.

 If it fails, this will have been a huge learning experience for me. Not to mention that my kids will have had the class I worked so hard to design for them. And no matter what, the next idea will be informed by everything that I learned this past year.

I spent the past few days on my log cabin project. The build starts in 8 months and the final prep work is starting. Maybe it should be named ‘The Puzzle Shift Create Remote Creation Studio’ or ‘TPSCRCS.’

More on that project soon.

A new vision for education

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