We need a new vision for education

I do not understand how we can expect education to substantially improve without anything changing, by doing the same old things. I also feel alone in feeling like it needs to fundamentally change.

The post and video below took me AGES to write and complete, but that process has helped me to develop the vision behind Innovative Arts. I’ve had this post in my drafts folder for about 9 months… I was too shy or unsure to post it. But here goes anyway. Thanks for being here. Everything below was written back in April.

It is really easy to criticize education, principals, teachers. It’s a lot harder to propose actual solutions.

You hear it all the time – “Why don’t they teach _____ in schools?” State legislators have taken this to heart, with more and more legislation to try and ‘fix’ schools. But adding more mandates only makes the problem worse. Compounding these problems are teacher shortages, stressful work conditions, pressure from standardized testing, effects from covid, and growing disengagement from our students.

“We’ll fix education ourselves” is an idea to counter all of this. The solutions that we need have to be developed in classrooms by teachers. We need to develop and show what is now possible in our classrooms, given today’s technology.

Thank you for being here!

Episode 1: We’ll Fix Education Ourselves

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This video took more than 20 hours to complete, not including the time spent learning HOW to edit a video and developing the ideas (which started years ago). And I’ve committed to at least 8 more. If you’re interested in supporting my work directly, here is the link:

I have been working to refine and make the possibility clear for years. This video is the culmination of all of that effort. Unfortunately, I can’t yet make it clear in one concise video, so the following videos will be building on the ideas here. The email newsletter includes my newly published resources and new videos.

I am creating this site to advance student creativity and help students to take ownership of their learning. The resources on this site are intentionally open-ended and a part of my Innovative Arts curriculum.

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