The big book of creativity

I’ve set myself on the task of creating a book (of some form) that will grow over the years, have idea pages for every project and skill-builder, and have some type of hall-of-fame section. I’ve tried a few different folding and separate options, but it isn’t the same as one big …something… that students can peruse.

Should it be on wheels? Be on the wall like one of those church photo albums? Maybe some backlights and pneumatic cylinders?

This has really gotten me thinking….

As smoke billows across the floors, a deep bass rumbles and the lights gradually brighten. Just as the crescendo reaches its peak, a sudden hiss and clank pierce through the air, unveiling a steampunk cover to a book, hidden inside an intricately wrought iron cage.

That was fun… but is it also a real option? I have a cart that could be the base…

A new vision for education

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