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Here is one of my favorite YouTube channels – Stuff made here! Shane does a great job of explaining everything that goes into making awesome projects, including the failures! His videos show how many ways that a project can challenge or surprise you along the way.

Stuff Made Here favorite projects:

Painting a huge wall with a robot!

This one is in the new shop. He has a massive wall to paint, so he constructs a huge CNC paintbot to spray the different colors RGB style! I love how he pranks his wife in each video.

An Auto Aiming Robotic Bow!

This video has a lot of trial and error – it took a long time to figure out why the robot was not working! He does a great job of sticking with it and communicating the problems (once he figures out what they are!)

An automatic pool stick that anyone can control over the internet!

Stuff Made Here “Automatic Pool Stick Vrs. Strangers”

This is so cool, Shane is able to play someone else over the internet while in his basement! The person over the internet lines up the shot, his robotic pool stick makes that shot come to life!

Puzzle Shift Create – Creator type: Engineer!

This channel is a great example of an Engineer. In Innovative Arts class, students are leaning how to become creators themselves. They start by choosing one of these creator types: Engineer, Designer, Digital Creator, Hacker, Entrepreneur, or Wordsmith.

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