This user’s channel has modern model houses that are very detailed and made from cardboard. They can be Maisons, shacks, houses, and he even does outer space. In his older videos, he made detailed drawings of older houses and modern houses. He has a good amount of subscribers and has a lot of views on his videos.

Some of their videos

Beautiful Mansion European Small House

In this video, he is making a mini elevated mansion. This piece is very petite but detailed. The best part is that he is making everything out of cardboard. I love this piece because he took the time to make it look like a modern lake-like house.

Old house from early 2000’s Model made

This is probably my favorite model make shack house. This is so detailed and again made fully out of cardboard. He even painted it to add a texturing look. As he added the sand to the ground I was thinking it was cool that he used real sand not fake.

Small Residential building model

This is again another video that is made completely out of cardboard. I like this one the most because of all because it is so simple but looks fun to make.

Puzzle Shift Create – Creator type: Designer!

This channel is a great example of a creator who is a Designer. In Innovative Arts class, students are learning how to become creators themselves. They start by learning the basics: Engineer, Designer, Digital Creator, Hacker, Entrepreneur, or Wordsmith.

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