Redo-ing the ‘why’ on this site

The first tagline, which I found in the 3-year-old settings of this site, were “Free creator resources for all students.” That’s a ‘what’, not a ‘why.’

I don’t know how to get it that short yet, but here is the idea. This will eventually posted in the homepage

NEW VISION FOR EDUCATION = Mindsets + Technology + Creativity

NEW VISION FOR EDUCATION = Puzzle + Shift + Create

The site will have it’s resources organized in these three buckets. Innovative Arts is the class where all three come together to demonstrate the new vision for how our classrooms could look.

This past year, I’ve made such big progress in bringing this into reality. I have very positive signals from students and cannot wait to develop the rest of the curriculum.

Unfortunately, I only have the capacity to develop one day of a single grade at a time. That is all I can get done with my outside-of-school energy. But even if it takes 4 years to develop, it’ll be worth it. Hopefully the planning speed will pick up; there is so much to do!

A new vision for education

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