Rachel Maksy

Rachel Maksy Channel includes diys, thrift flips, vintage sewing, Halloween crafting ideas, and breakdowns of how she makes more complex gowns. She is really fun to watch because while she is creating her projects she makes jokes and includes her mistakes in the final video. She has only been sewing for a few years so she is not at an unachievable skill level and she also has a lot of random content about diy-ing cool things as well.

Go to https://www.youtube.com/c/rachelmaksy/videos to check out all of her videos.

Some of her videos:

Making a Halloween “Strawberry Dress”

In this video she breaks down how she replicated the tik tok strawberry dress but in halloween colors. This video is a great resource if you want to make this dress keeping in mind that you can use whatever colors you want, you don’t have to make yours halloween themed. This project takes a pretty high skill level because it is not a free pattern so you would probably have to draft your own.

Chicken Wire Ghost

This video shows her process in making a ghost halloween decoration out of chicken wire. It’s a straightforward project that produces really cool results. A coat of glow in the dark spray paint would be a really cool touch to this project.

Making Some ~Casual Armor~

In this video she uses a lot of different materials including leather, foam, paltic, etc to make costume armor. This definitely isn’t functional but its really cool and attemptable if you know.. you’re into that kind of thing. This video goes into how to use the material Worbla which is a kind of thermoplastic that is used in a lot of costuming and cosplay.

Walking Library Video Series

In this two part video series Rachel shows how she recreated a vintage photo that she found of a girl that had a bookshelf backpack and was giving out books. These videos are fun because not only does she show how she creates the book page skirt but also she gives great tips on stamping fabrics, redoing old wood pieces to save time on projects, and using foam material to imitate wood carved details all of which could be applied to other projects that you might be working on.

Puzzle Shift Create – Creator type: Designer!

This channel is a great example of a creator who is a Designer. In Innovative Arts class, students are learning how to become creators themselves. They start by learning the basics: Engineer, Designer, Digital Creator, Hacker, Entrepreneur, or Wordsmith.

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