Other Perspectives on Innovative Arts

I am finishing the book The Craft of Creativity and I am learning so much. I am starting to get the sense that there are some deep changes that will be needed for my Innovative Arts curriculum to live up to my expectations, especially now that I will have this year’s 5th grade class FIVE times. I have been planning, for years, how to teach it all in four semesters. The fifth time is really going to be when the magic happens.

But what does that look like? Projects are a great way to have the conversations about mindset, learning, growth, expectations… but I feel like my perspective has been too narrow on that for too long.

Other options that come to mind look a lot like a well-done college and career readiness.

Teaching students about ambition and the practical, mini steps it will take to get there also seem apparent.

In the end, how wide open can I make the door? Can some students work on their next (hopefully very serious) project while others explore other routes and opportunities? What are those routes? Suddenly, community connections, small group field trips, mentors and mini-projects are all in play. Each of those ideas will take hours and energy, all together this is more than I can handle.

But I would tell you that what I am attempting now is too much to handle a few years ago.

A new vision for education

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