Mini-vision for a few years from now

Today I was describing the goal of Innovative arts to someone and found a new way to say and overall outcome: “When they’re in 8th grade, when someone gives them a new option, they’ll be able use that to come up with 100 new possibilities from that they’d actually enjoy.”

I know a few methods to teach this that would work It sounds like a fun prospect and something worth practicing. It could be a capstone activity, each student gets an option and then actually discovers that it is possible to come up with that many ideas. Most students would tell me it is impossible, by the end they will have ‘done the impossible!’ (I plan to create a list of ‘impossible tasks’ that we accomplish through the quarter, like a course outline but framed in a way to help kids recognize the impressive skills that they are gaining)

And this activity could scale down to the younger grades. Maybe 5th graders would make it as a class. 6th graders would make it as a team, 7th graders would make it in smaller groups.

It’s an intriguing idea for sure!

A new vision for education

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