This youtube channel could be used for many different things. One thing it can help with is if you are looking for a house layout or a certain style of a house. Another thing it can help with is designing the inside of houses. The channel also has small car builds. You can go check out his youtube channel.

Some of their videos

Luxury House with Swimming Pool

The video is showing a small version of a house. And the basics of the layout of the house.

How to make Amazing

This house can be good with a small layout of a house. It also can help anyone design a house.

How to Make Amazing Monster Truck

This video is a good video for engineering or designing. It is a good video of how to build a small truck.

Puzzle Shift Create – Creator type: Engineer!

This channel is a great example of an Engineer. In Innovative Arts class, students are learning how to become creators themselves. They start by learning the basics: Engineer, Designer, Digital Creator, Hacker, Entrepreneur, or Wordsmith.

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