Marble Drop Project | Level 1 Engineering Challenge

This is a Level 1 Engineering Project

This project is to make a marble track. The goal is to engineer a track that lets the marble fall, slowly, until it eventually reaches the bottom.

To make it a real challenge, engineer a way to lift the marble back to the top of the run. Can it be motorized? Use a lift, salmon ladder, or chain lift? That’ll be a level 3 or level 5 engineering project!

Be sure to post your work when you are finished!I

Useful links for teachers:

This site holds the resources for Innovative Arts class, a class that replaced ‘technology class’ in our middle school. Students learn to create as engineers, designers, and more. At the same time, we are learning about our brains/mindsets (‘Puzzle‘), engage technology (‘Shift‘) and the creative process (‘Create‘).

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