If you build it, they will come (maybe)

This year has taught me a lot about teaching creativity, mindsets, and inspiring kids to pursue their passions. It has been rough. I think that my own deep interest in everything creative made me blind to how difficult it will be to build this course.

The first day of class is wonderful. Kids learn about the 8 creator types, the badges, and all of the past projects that kids have completed. Spirits run high.

As the hard work of learning new skills, mistakes, and setbacks start to bring us back down. Old attitudes and habits creep back in.

There is so much work to do. Keeping the creator vision in sight. Changing mindsets. Reflecting and noticing growth. Giving experience and gaining confidence.

Innovative Arts is about creating creators. It is one step closer to reality… and we can now see that it is a long stairway.

A new vision for education

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