Custom Shaped Glowbox! – Easy STEM Project for Middle School

Stem project - glowbox

This is one of my favorite STEM Project for middle school that I have developed. It is a ‘Designer‘ project that my Innovative Arts students can use to get started creating. They are gaining skills and learning about the creative process!

Example Glowbox Projects:

STEM Project for Middle School - custom glowbox

The wide range of options that go into this project makes it so much fun!

What you need to complete this project:

I use colored fairy lights to light the project up.

Mini popsicle sticks are easier to use to make the custom shapes.

Instruction video for this STEM Project for Middle School!

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Useful links for teachers:

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You can find more easy STEM projects for middle school below. Have a great day!

This site holds the resources for Innovative Arts class, a class that replaced our technology class in our middle school. Students learn to create as engineers, designers, and more. At the same time, we are learning about our brains/mindsets (‘Puzzle‘), engage technology (‘Shift‘) and the creative process (‘Create‘).

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