Draw So Cute

Draw so cute is a youtube channel, that teaches you step by step how to draw. have fun learning how to draw and DIY craft, anything and everything cute with step by step, easy to follow videos. The creators name is Wennie and she love to draw and craft, cute things!

Here are some of her videos!

This video by Weenie teaches you how to draw a farmer and a background step by step. Weenie teaches you how to draw with a marker instead of a pencil.

How to Draw Mirabel Madrigal

She teaches you step by step how to draw a Encanto character named Mirabel (main character). She goes nice and slow so you can learn correctly how to draw Mirabel.

Puzzle Shift Create – Creator type: Designer!

This channel is a great example of a creator who is a Designer. In Innovative Arts class, students are learning how to become creators themselves. They start by learning the basics: Engineer, Designer, Digital Creator, Hacker, Entrepreneur, or Wordsmith.

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