Custom motorized project for middle school students

This project is a great way to have your students make a complex project that is 3D, motorized, and totally customizable!

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Innovative Arts class is an opportunity for authentic creativity in middle school. The curriculum is a new approach for teaching mindsets, perseverance, and the value of mistakes. Failure is another step and can teach us about ourselves. We all have strengths and can build on them. Technology is a resource for exploring our interests.

All of this is happening in the context of making. Kids are choosing projects to pursue within many modes and mediums. The actual projects that kids choose are not the point of the class. The point is the learning that happens before, during, and after the projects. The failed projects are displayed and never hidden. Reflection happens in many ways.

It is the class I want my own kids to have. Literally.

Developing a class like this has been extremely difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

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