Bringing back Strengths Class

I had my 7th graders twice two years ago. After we did our Innovative Arts thing, we had ‘Strengths Class’. It got to be a nice activity that these students enjoyed. We assembled a puzzle of 9 pieces, each piece was all about different aspects of themselves.

The one thing that I need to overhaul is the 9th piece, the centerpiece. After we talked about goals and strengths, this piece was supposed to put it all together. I tried a few different ways to explain this but it never came together. I remember getting the best result with a prompt: ‘What advice would your future self give you?’ but it hasn’t been resolved.

So tonight I want to brainstorm a new flow to puzzle pieces. Here is what I developed already:

#1: About me

#2: Your Strengths

#3: Your Mindsets

#4: Your Habits

#5: How You Learn puzzle piece

#6: Your Values 

#7: My Goals

#8: Obstacles that I need to overcome

#9: My Plan, Putting it all together

Here is what ChatGPT thought would work to help tie up #9:

  1. Reflect on your personal strengths and how they align with your values. How can you leverage these strengths to achieve your goals?
  2. Identify any mindset shifts or changes in perspective that you need to adopt to overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals.
  3. Think about the habits you currently have and evaluate their impact on your personal growth. What new habits can you cultivate to support your development?
  4. Consider different learning strategies or approaches that have worked well for you in the past. How can you incorporate these strategies into your plan for personal growth?
  5. Evaluate your core values and how they influence your decision-making process. How can you align your goals and actions with your values?
  6. Set specific and measurable goals that align with your strengths, values, and desired personal growth. How will achieving these goals contribute to your overall development?
  7. Identify the obstacles or challenges that may hinder your progress. How can you overcome these obstacles and turn them into opportunities for growth?
  8. Develop a detailed action plan that outlines the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. Break down each step into manageable tasks and set deadlines for completion.
  9. Consider the resources and support you need to execute your plan effectively. Who can you reach out to for guidance, mentorship, or accountability?
  10. Reflect on your progress regularly and make adjustments to your plan as needed. How will you track your development and measure your success?
  11. Consider the potential setbacks or failures you may encounter along the way. How will you stay motivated and resilient in the face of challenges?
  12. Explore opportunities for self-reflection and self-care throughout your personal growth journey. How can you prioritize your well-being while pursuing your goals?
  13. Seek feedback from trusted individuals who can provide insights and perspectives on your progress. How will you use this feedback to refine your approach and continue growing?
  14. Consider the broader impact of your personal growth on your relationships, community, or society. How can you contribute positively to others as you develop as a person?
  15. Celebrate milestones and achievements along the way. How will you reward yourself for your hard work and progress?

There is enough here that we can have multiple options. Options are definitely good!

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