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Status of this grant: Unavailable in the near-term future. Innovative Arts class is still being developed and the resources are in need of further refinement. The curriculum is not ready to be published (it is advancing quickly and getting better so quickly that I cannot publish it without holding it back).

The goal of the grant is to help a teacher start an Innovative Arts class, so the curriculum needs to be ready.

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Other/Older information:

What is this Makerspace Grant all about?

Hello! I am the Innovative Arts teacher in Pine Island Middle School and I have the goal of helping kids become creators of their own types. In the process of trying to buy materials for my students, I started to learn how to buy in bulk directly from manufacturers. With my own money I have been purchasing extras and now have a stockpile that I can give as grants to other teachers!

I’ve built this site to house the resources that kids need to get started creating. It is very much still under construction. The makerspace grants for summer 2021 is a beta test of a larger program to start in 2023. I will be self-funded to help discover any problems and improve the process before soliciting donations for future grants.

Puzzle Shift Create is all about getting kids creating and growing as creators. This website is full of free courses and tutorials that would help a middle or high school student get started in one of the six creator types. There are many free resources already on this site to help kids get started creating, however, there is no substitute for building with physical supplies. This grant is to give kids a chance to customize and create something for themselves. 

The materials and supplies that you see as a part of this grant were developed as a part of Innovative Arts class in Pine Island Middle School in Minnesota. Innovative Arts replaced the “Middle School Technology Class.” The goal is to help students become creators of their own type. 

This grant may become a recurring grant. As long as it is clear that students are using the supplies to create in a creative way.

Who should apply?

Anyone who has students who want to be more creative and start using their hands to physically customize their projects. Puzzle Shift Create is run by a teacher who wants to help kids to become creators. It’s that simple. Homeschool and librarian grants will also be accepted.

As many awards as possible will be made.

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