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Kid Engineer ProjectsKids love to build. Help them get started.Engineer ResourcesYoung Designer ProjectsDesigners and artists make the world more interesting.Learn new skillsEntrepreneur AdviceKids want to start ventures and businesses. We should help them!Entrepreneur CoursesWordsmithing Young AdultsThere are authors, poets, songwriters, and quote curators sitting in our classrooms. Help them be heardDigital CreatorsOnline is where our creations live. Kids can learn how to create, share, and lead online.Click HereHack a cool project togetherYoung hackers use computers to make cool stuff!See the resouces
Every student comes to class with interests, experience, and potential. “Innovative Arts” class shows them how to use technology as a tool for growth so they can take control and become unique creators.
Peter Johnson
Peter JohnsonPuzzle Shift Create
Our mindsets, expectations, habits, and brains are a PUZZLE that we can understand to be better learners.
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson”What does ‘Puzzle’ mean?”
We need to SHIFT technology from a toy into a tool for self-guided learning.
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson”What does ‘Shift’ mean?”
We have the tools that everyone can be an authentic creator of their own type.
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson”What does ‘Create’ mean?”

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Free resources & maker education content

This site has resources for students, teachers, librarians, and homeschool parents. The goal is to help kids become creators who think for themselves. Come and create with us!

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