Calm your class down at the beginning of the hour – 2 Minute Videos (PART 4!)

Part four of my favorite classroom tradition!

Below you will find the next five videos. These really calm your class down if you get int the routine of showing them to your class every day. Enjoy! Below the videos are details about how I use these videos, the benefits I have found, and teacher tips!

Two Minute Fun Classroom Starters

For years I have I started my classes by showing kids cool science clips and photos as a fun classroom starter. After a while, I learned that it was a great way to connect with kids, and then I started discovering more benefits to starting class with a fun classroom warmup. I laid out my method in Episode 1 of the podcast.

Benefits of using these two-minute videos

  • Give kids something to focus on while you take attendance or something out
  • You can chat with students about something other than your class content
  • You’ll hear from students who may not speak up during normal class
  • Kids will see more of your personality and get to know you
  • It is much easier to connect with students when you are both laughing at something
  • Kids will settle down because they have something to focus on
  • The end of the slide show is a motivating/inspiring/growth mindset message. It is great to have students hear these over and over (and they are also very quiet as we discuss them).

How to present these creative class warm-ups

I like to play these as students are coming into class. They feel like they are missing out, so they quickly get to their seats and start chatting about what they are seeing. I usually start it in that weird time between when the bulk of the students have arrived in my classroom and the time that the bell rings.

Classroom Management

As with anything, kids will try to take it too far. This is double true wne you are doing a fun classroom warm-up! Make sure to talk about your expectations when you are starting this for the first time. Whenever my class gets too loud or a student gets a little to excited. I pause the video and reiterate what I expect. These are a lot of fun but only if the classroom is under control

What do you think?

Please give me feedback on this project! It has been many hours to get to this point, I hope many teachers find it useful! Let me know if you agree that this is a fun classroom starter!

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