Beginner Engineer: Make a CNC Catapult or Trebuchet

Spend time brainstorming

This is the most important step – do not skip it! Innovative Arts students use the random idea generator (instructions here) to generate possible ideas. The full course on creativity can be found here.    

Ideas to customize this project - make yours unique

  • What will you be launching with your CNC catapult? Design the spoon to match this.
  • How will longer or shorter spoons affect the launch? Make several and test them. 

Start Assembly

Adjust after your first attempts

As you build, you will probably think of improvements to make or ways to make your project better. You may even decide to start over with a better idea. Most projects need several changes before they are finished!

Sharing Our Projects

Innovative Arts students complete this project as the work toward becoming an Engineer. See all of the creator courses here. Use the hashtag #puzzleshiftcreate and #PSCengineer and we can all see the cool things that our students are creating!

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