Addie’s Clock Experience!


The first and hardest part of the process was brainstorming. I love to work out so I planned to make a kettlebell clock to hang in my gym. I went on the laser cutting program (Corel draw) and looked at shilloutes of kettlebell’s, they looked super bland and boring! I love The Office so I then searched up The Office shilloutes, and inspiration struck! I decided to take the character’s faces and put them in for numbers! I had a difficult time finding the pictures that I wanted, but then I found them. Finished the design, and went into the “Wood Barn” (which is in the background), and picked out a 12″ by 12″ board. I fired up the laser cutter hooked it up to the computer. And it started…

The 1st Draft

We opened the laser-cutter an hour and a half later and saw that there were watermarks EVERYWHERE! We had to use a machine called “The Timesaver” It makes the wood a little bit smaller. We put it through 12 times, it still was full of stinking watermarks! So we put that board aside and restarted. We had to find pictures that had zero watermarks. Then we did it over again.

Over Again

Found a board, turned on the laser cutter and another hour and a half later went on by. I opened it up, took out the board and the watermarks were back! I did the laser cutter one more time to make the original cuts deeper. It was done finally, I took some sandpaper and got rid of all the watermarks. The first part was done!

Machines Galore!

The next thing that we did was find the center of the clock. It was easier than you’d think. I then went over to the drill, clamped it down, and drilled away! I thought to myself “Are the sides uneven?” I used a machine where you “shave” down the sides of the wood. I then went over to the circular sander and sanded down the corners of the clock. All of the hard stuff was done!

Finishing Touches

The clock was finally ready for the finishing touches! Then I broke out the Polyeaurothane and put a coat on it. While we let it dry I got the clock parts ready, and it was ready for another coat! Another coat was on and dried, I put on the clock part’s and of course, it didn’t fit. So, I got out a funky machine that digs holes and made a square so that the battery pack fits through, and it worked! It was finally done and ready to hang up!

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