Why would I want to help an edtech company?

This was part of an application I filled out tonight – it’ll work as a blog post too.

I have a natural curiosity about edtech and design, which leads me to frequently explore new products through free trials. I even try out products from a student’s perspective to get a better understanding of how they align with their promises. I am constantly learning and seeking ways to work with developers in creating products that support and propel students and teachers in their learning journeys. I firmly believe that new technology can help teachers work within the constraints they face and enable students to learn authentically using common materials and resources. The days of a uniform classroom experience for all students are over, and we need to develop tools that empower teachers to manage the diverse pathways their learners choose to explore.

While my previous experiences with edtech startups have been interesting, they have left me somewhat underwhelmed. I am now seeking to bring more value to my partnerships at a higher level. With technology evolving rapidly, we have the potential to make significant strides in addressing the biggest challenges faced by our schools, classrooms, and students.

In addition to my interest in edtech, I possess tools for creative brainstorming and generating new ideas. I believe that creativity, when approached seriously, can greatly accelerate and transform projects. I am eager to lead our team in utilizing these tools, which will also serve as valuable practice for a future side gig.

One aspect that sets me apart is my decision to significantly reduce my use of social media and refocus my efforts on my goal of transforming education. I am determined to find like-minded individuals who are equally committed to this quest.

A new vision for education

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