Which of the old podcast episodes to remake?

I recorded the first “new vision for education” podcast episode and remembered all the annoying things I do in audio and video. Published it anyway – if I wait to be perfect, I will be waiting forever.

Now I want to look at the old list of episodes and remake at least a few. Here is the whole list from three years ago. I will bold the ones that might be worth remaking:

Two easy ways to have fun in your classroom
Why each teacher should learn Google Sheets
It is time to overhaul technology Class
Teach students to think about their “Sparks” and “Grinds”

Add a video display to your creative classroom
Why cheap 3D printers may be better for schools
Actually Teaching Growth Mindsets in the Middle School
Teaching 3D Modelling
Teach our Students to Value Failure
My system to help kids become Creators
My favorite classroom mindset tool: The Creator Spectrum

Students on Trello
Kids can think like engineers
Student need to know: Bad things arent all bad
Every student can be a creator
Kids as creators & using computers to do cool stuff!

%$#@#$ Testing
Middle school teachers: Teach how a brain works!
Student Teams & Branding in a Creative Classroom!
Kids as Entrepreneurs (but NOT on “Shark Tank!”)
Our students understand so much, we can teach heavy lessons

Going Beyond PBL: Letting kids become the creators
Talking to students about habits
Kids choosing to become Wordsmiths
What is better than Digital Citizenship? Digital Leadership!
Kids Need Tactile Education

Laser, vinyl, 3D, & CNC Machines in the Middle School
Kids as Digital Creators – We have the resources!
How one middle school team is better at tracking behaviors
Kids want to be pro gamers. Let’s start encouraging them.
MIddle school kids need to know: our expectations become reality

Kids becoming creators, artists, & designers
Help to Keep Kids Creativity from Withering
Teachers: What about the highest achievers?
Middle school: Teach kids about their “limits”
What I wish I knew my first year of teaching

Well, that is a lot of ideas! Good thing there is years to get it all done!

A new vision for education

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