When changes get fuzzy

I’ve learned so much about the intersection of student engagement and growth over this year that it is a little overwhelming. I know what resources need to be made next, what I need to try out, and what I would like for the class to look like in a perfect world. The list seems to grow and grow.

My biggest problem is how quickly it is developing and changing. It is hard to keep it all straight. I kept X, Y, and Z from last quarter but A, B, and C are all upgraded, D is brand new and the kids still remember E, F, and G from last year. It’s a lot to process, especially since I am hoping to try out H, I, and J if it is at all possible.

I’ve found myself just pacing around my classroom a bunch of times the past two weeks… making new plans, remembering all the irons in the fire, and realizing how they’ve come together (or not).

All I know at this point – I am excited for the day that it is all figured out.

A new vision for education

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