Well-timed gratitude

Thank you notes really help. Near the end of the last quarter, a student gave me a note of appreciation. Today I received an email because of this site. Both of these notes came on days that I really needed them.

I am finding myself ever more excited about the possibilities as a ‘new vision for education’ takes shape. It’s motivating and meaningful work.

On the flip side, the practical reality of that vision also continues to take form. The stakes are high, the job is immense, and it is terribly lonely work. I’ve heard that ‘everything you are saying sounds great!’ alongside something like ‘no, I don’t know how you would do that’ too many times.

There is no one at fault here. This was ambitious plan that I set out on years ago and now I’ve gotten this far. But as the highs get higher, the lows feel lower. All the more I have gratitude for the well-timed notes that have steadied me. I’ll read them again tomorrow and try to write more of my own notes for others.

A new vision for education

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