Utopia in my mind

Each time I implement what I read in a new book or put together another piece of the puzzle in Innovative Arts, I think that I’ve cracked it and now things will be much better. And each time after that, I have a collision with reality. I am firmly in the mindset that all of these plans and changes will come together and equal something amazing. This summer, I will be knitting togehter behavior plans, better engagement, group challenges, daily discussions, stories, and new class culture elements. On top of this, new resources to make and creative prompts to record.

I keep sensing my imagination going to an ultra positive & productive classroom. I’ve been burned before thinking like this and want to pull back. But at the same time, I’ve made real progress in all the directions and catch glimpses of the class I am working to create.

So should I indulge in the ideal dream? I think I have to. With the ideal class on my mind, if/when we fall short, it is easier to see what to work on next.

A new vision for education

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