TinkerCAD Lessons 2.0

I made the TinkerCAD lessons on this site about 3 years ago… and they need to be redone.

Here is my main lessons for version two:

TinkerCAD 2.0
Zooms and Controls – Practice Ring
Holes and Solids
Workplane and colors
Workplane and Align
Curves & mirror
Duplicate Practice

We need lots of little practices to combine all the skills. I think I will be making a whole lot of little videos on that theme as well.

I input some of this into ChatGPT for more ideas, its getting posted here to help me generate more ideas when the time comes.

Sure, here are some ideas for using the tools you mentioned in novel configurations:

  1. Create a symmetrical object by using the mirror tool to duplicate and flip one half of the object, then combine the two halves.
  2. Use the duplicate tool to create a repeating pattern along a specific axis or curve, then combine the duplicates to form a single object.
  3. Use the array tool to create a series of copies of an object arranged in a specific pattern, such as a circular or spiral shape.
  4. Align two or more objects to create a specific arrangement, such as a geometric shape or letter.
  5. Use the center tool to align an object to the center of the workplane or another object.
  6. Rotate an object to a specific angle, such as 45 degrees or 90 degrees, to create a unique shape or pattern.
  7. Use the make holes tool to create a negative space within an object, such as a window or door.
  8. Combine two or more objects to create a more complex shape, such as a multi-part sculpture or figurine.
  9. Repeat an object along a curved path to create a spiral or helix shape.
  10. Use the duplicate tool to create multiple versions of an object, then rotate and arrange them to form a 3D shape, such as a pyramid or cone.

Sure, here are some possible specific objects or projects that could be created using the tools I mentioned:

  1. Symmetrical object:
  • A heart-shaped box
  • A butterfly figurine
  • A snowflake ornament
  1. Repeating pattern:
  • A chain link necklace
  • A honeycomb patterned cube
  • A set of stairs with a repeating pattern of steps
  1. Array pattern:
  • A gear or cogwheel system
  • A spiral staircase
  • A flower with petals arranged in a circular pattern
  1. Align objects:
  • An alphabet letter
  • A geometric shape like a square or triangle
  • A building floor plan
  1. Center objects:
  • A target board
  • A clock face
  • A bullseye graphic
  1. Rotate objects:
  • A Rubik’s Cube
  • A 3D cube puzzle
  • A twisted cylinder
  1. Make holes:
  • A doughnut or bagel-shaped object
  • A keychain with a hole for a ring
  • A wireframe box with a window cut out
  1. Combine objects:
  • A snowman figurine
  • A dinosaur skeleton model
  • A multi-piece puzzle
  1. Repeat along curve:
  • A curved snake figurine
  • A DNA helix model
  • A twisted rope bracelet
  1. Create 3D shape:
  • A cone-shaped hat
  • A pyramid-shaped jewelry box
  • A hexagonal prism-shaped pencil holder

Hope this helps you get started with creating some fun and interesting 3D models using TinkerCAD!

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